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Area of Viersen

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The district of Viersen is located in the west of the state. He belongs to and belongs to. that’s the city.

The overall area of the district is 563.29 kilometres ². The maximum expansion is 28.7 kilometres in the north-south direction and 39.0 kilometres in the west-east direction; the district boundary is 148 kilometers long. The greatest elevation in the district is 90.70 m.

These include: die, das, pass away, der, die, pass away Süchtelner elevations, that and that in addition to that as part of German/ Dutch.

Because the EU limit worth for im of 50 mg/ l is exceeded practically in the whole district of Viersen, the district council all took on a 5-point plan on December 13, 2018. As necessary, compliance with the should be better controlled, the import from the limited as well as greatly managed and the expanded.

The area of Viersen is divided right into nine, of which 4 as well as one are. The towns are usually responsible for their local events, while the area tackles local as well as otherwise supra-regional jobs for smaller sized communities.

In the state growth strategy of North Rhine-Westphalia, all cities in the district and Schwalmtal are revealed as, the various other communities are basic centers.

(In braces the population numbers as of May 31, 2015)


The district of Viersen borders, starting in the north in a clockwise instructions, on the districts and, on the, on the, on the independent city and on the. In the west it surrounds the province with a length of 37 kilometres. a comprehensive des. The formerly independent communities and the community came to be the brand-new town of Viersen. The previously independent city of Viersen was included into the district, and the towns in the east, which after that belonged to the city, pertained to the. Eight brand-new cities and towns were formed from the remaining 26 municipalities.

The area of Viersen was created on January 1st, 1975 with a renaming of the area of Kempen-Krefeld, whereby the district seat was moved from Kempen to Viersen. At the very same time, the community was incorporated and the area of Hüls belonging to Kempen was outsourced to the city. Nevertheless, till the action into the brand-new area building in 1984, the district administration remained in the old Kempen.

There are collection of magazines from the district of Viersen (e.g. annual) with extensive historic info. The area archive is in Kempen in the.

Note: A participant of the CDU switched over to the faction of the Greens.

The representations show the political election results and the distribution of seats as an outcome of the.

On May 13, 1932, the previous was provided consent by a certification from the Chief Head of state to use the layer of arms described listed below. Today’s area of Viersen has actually proceeded this layer of arms considering that it was renamed in 1975.

In the layer of arms the cross is joined as the national emblem of the with the black lion as the heraldic photo of the and also the gold lion as the heraldic picture of the. Until completion of the Old Kingdom, the area of the district of Viersen was under these sovereigns.

On October 16, 1980, the district of Viersen was granted consent to fly the flag explained below.

A collaboration has actually existed between the district of Viersen and also the English one given that 1983. The main partnership contract was come before by more than 10 years of effective initiatives to communicate between clubs, schools as well as teams. The collaboration celebration hence sealed various long-term calls, for which the heads of management Rudolf H. Müller (Kempen-Krefeld district/ Viersen area) as well as John K. Barratt (Cambridgeshire area) place themselves at the center.

In the district area there are sometimes noticeable remains of the former along with damages of the from the Second World War. Additionally traces and also stays of Napoleons are still well-known.

The district of Viersen lies in the town. The folklore museum receives particular rural and also artisanal culture of the center. It additionally has a considerable.

It is surrounded by a big park.

In the one that surrounds the are among others. Objects by,,, and the New Celebrity by.

The is a widely known performance structure for as well as well past the district in addition to the venue of the () and place of a yearly global -.

It is varied: Along with traditional literature, cabaret as well as the “contemporary drama” is supplied. Examples are the Nettetaler Theater under the roofing system in addition to the Volksbühne Viersen and also the Brüggen Spielschar.

The nature book of the Heidemoore, the arboretum and also the geo-hydrological water garden are located in Nettetal. There are numerous previous water mills, which are currently open to the general public (dining establishments/ hotels).

The (not easily accessible), that as well as an information facility are located on the Krickenbecker See.

Countless people live and have lived in the area, including the musician, the authors, and and the late jazz musician.

22 are documented for the area of Viersen: in Brüggen (3 ), in Grefrath (1 ), in Kempen (1 ), in Nettetal (3 ), in Schwalmtal (3 ), in Tönisvorst (2 ), in Viersen (5) as well as in Willich (4 ). They deserve protection – rock witnesses for previously existing and a vibrant Jewish area life as much as the 1930s.

In web traffic

I’m the just one in the district of Tönisvorst-St. Tönis in the neighboring Krefeld. The per hour solution is primary for bus connections on weekdays as well as Saturday early mornings. Afterwards, as well as on Sundays and public holidays, there is commonly just a two-hour cycle.

The one in the Viersen area is operated by and by (BVR). The major operator of local public transportation in the city of Viersen is the Niederrheinwerke viersen mobil GmbH, which, however, barely runs any type of connections beyond the city limitations. Private lines (in Waldniel, Elmpt, Willich, Viersen-Süchteln, Grefrath) are additionally operated by (MöBus) from Mönchengladbach.

The tariff of the (VRR) and beyond the tariff area applies to the entire.

The district of Viersen is connected to,, and. In addition, the district area is still developed by several, including. by the, as well as the.

In 2012, 66.3% of employees subject to social safety and security contributions worked in the tertiary field, 31.6% in the additional as well as 2.1% in the main. There are (as of 2016) around 700 ranches.

The district of Viersen was rated 261 out of 402 districts, municipal associations and also metropolitan areas in Germany, making it among the areas with a “balanced risk-opportunity mix” for the future. In the 2019 version, it was rated 185 out of 401.

On July 1, 1956, the city of Viersen was appointed the unique sign VIE when the permit plates that are still valid today were introduced. It was issued up until December 31, 1969. It has been in effect for the Viersen area since January 1, 1975. The distinct sign KK (Kempen-Krefeld district) has actually been approved given that March 2015.

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