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Voerde (Niederrhein) [] is one located on the reduced and northwestern side of the. It belongs to the im.

Voerde lies in the northwest of and southwest of, to the right of the Lower Rhine and in between the cities (9 kilometers) and also (eleven kilometers).

The metropolitan location is split into the eleven districts,,,,,,,,, and also, in accordance with Area 1, Paragraph 3 of the major law. Nevertheless, the areas are not areas within the meaning of § 39.

Voerde owes its name to one of the people who lived there for – and existed there (the old punctuation for Furt was “Fuerdt”). Near the old mayor’s workplace was a very early middle ages cemetery from the 6th to the early 8th century AD. Voerde was very first stated in 1344 as a feudal estate as well as castle of the, yet as very early as 1327 the judicial district of Götterswickerhamm expanded approximately over today city location. In 1652 Voerde was provided its own territory by elegance. Voerde shed its ranking of magnificence again when in 1804 – throughout the – it opened in the office of Götterswickerhamm, which was exchanged a “Mairie” shortly after that. In 1815/16 Voerde received neighborhood self-government rights as a municipality for the very first time under the mayor’s constitution. The municipalities Voerde, Löhnen, Mehrum, Görswicker, Möllen and also belonged to the mayor’s workplace in Götterswickerhamm. In 1886 Voerde received a train station on the. Götterswickerhamm mayor’s workplace was renamed Voerde’s mayor’s office. In 1912, after four years of building, another train line via Voerde was put into operation. Both communities of Mehrum as well as Görsicker were included right into the community of Löhnen in 1913. In 1915 Voerde had 7,985 inhabitants. The neighborhoods Möllen, Spellen and also Voerde merged in 1922 to create the bigger community Voerde. The mayor’s workplace Voerde became Voerde in 1928.

From 1943 to 1945 there was a compelled labor camp of the business, Essen, at the Buschmannshof. 120 kids were also housed in among the camps, 99 of whom died in autumn 1944 as well as winter months 1944/45 as an outcome of inadequate nutrition and disease. Some are hidden in the “Franzosenfriedhof” in (Alte Hünxer Straße). On the evening of March 23-24, 1945, the 9th crossed the river in Mehrum at river kilometer 803.5 as well as hence got to the appropriate financial institution of the Rhine for the first time on this section of the front. On March 27, four American soldiers fired and eliminated eight German civilians who happened to be present or were strolling previous, 2 women and six guys. The American army justice punished the policeman included to 25 years behind bars – he was launched after 3 years – the three other 18 and also 19 year old soldiers involved were acquitted. The brand-new town of Voerde was developed via the union of the communities of Löhnen and Voerde. This point in time was additionally the hour of birth of the Voerder. Voerde had 14,170 occupants back then. Voerde has actually been commemorating given that 1972.

On January 1, 1975, throughout the 2nd, the district of Emmelsum north of the city of Wesel and also the district of Eppinghoven to the city of Dinslaken. At the exact same time, vital parts of the previous districts and sub-areas of the districts and also the new one were merged. Ever since, Voerde has been a community in the Wesel area.

After surpassing the populace of 25,000, Voerde ended up being a town in 1981 with 34,321 citizens. In 1983 the brand-new city center was relocated into. Considering that 1997 a permanent mayor has actually been elected because of the transformed (job of the municipal double leadership of voluntary as well as full-time).

The city of Voerde filed a suit versus the general operating strategy in 2002,

“as mostly as a result of the mining under the Rhine dykes, to name a few things. the safety of the general public facilities versus flooding risks is massively damaged as well as the planned taking apart under the city center threatens the application of the city planning as a result of the anticipated damage to the hills, while the framework operating strategy does not address these repercussions, yet merely refers to the adhering to dismantling strategies. “

Several a lot more claims followed; the city of Voerde records this thoroughly on their homepage.

An adjustment of federal government at state level (in which the NRW Head Of State (SPD) lost to (CDU)) brought about an adjustment in coal policy; mining straight under the Rhine was not carried out; the colliery was finally shut down in mid-2008.

In 2007, as part of the discussions concerning the dissolution of the Wesel district, the proposal was made to separate the city between Wesel and Dinslaken.

According to this, 37.9% of the population were, 34.2% as well as 27.9% were, belonged to another or did not offer any kind of information. The number of Protestants as well as Catholics has actually dropped ever since. At the end of December 2020, 33.5% (12,134), 31.1% (11,262) of the residents were Catholics and also 35.4% (12,839) either have an additional religious beliefs or no religious beliefs at all.

The 42 seats in the city council are dispersed among the individual celebrations as adheres to:

According to the result of 2014, the SPD had 17 as well as the celebration 2 seats in the city board. Nonetheless, given that the parliamentary team of the Left had liquified on January 30, 2017, there will certainly be seats for the SPD and also 2 seats for the FDP from that year. Napoleon presented the mayor’s office in Götterswickerhamm. In 1815/1816 it was relabelled “Maire”, and it was not until 1911 that there was an official mayor of the municipality of Voerde. Mayor of Voerde has actually been Dirk Haarmann () since 2014.

Checklist of the mayors of the city or, before 1981, the municipality of Voerde:

Mayor of the area Götterswickerhamm (Amt Götterswickerhamm):

As early as 1957, the district of Voerde took control of one with Krickerhau today. Voerde has actually had one in the region since 1979.

Layer of arms

Coat of arms of the previous community of Voerde

Layer of arms of the former district of Götterswickerhamm



: “Separated by black and red, at the splitting line a top five-spoke gold wheel as well as a reduced silver label, covered with an eight-armed gold glaive wheel (lily reel), the center half loaded with red.”

Statement of layer of arms: The layer of arms stands for the formation of the whole municipality of Voerde symbolically. In the upper part of the coat of arms there is the top fifty percent of the coat of arms on “Haus Voerde” (” In black a five-spoke golden wagon wheel”), as well as in the reduced component of the coat of arms the lower one Fifty percent of the coat of arms of the Dukes of Kleve (” In red a silver heart shield, covered with an eight-armed golden Glevenrad ()”).

The layer of arms was designed by

Description of the flag: The banner of the city of Voerde reveals the city’s coat of arms in the white upper quarter (banner head). Listed below there are 2 equally long as well as just as large strips of red and also yellow. The city was given the right to make use of a coat of arms by a paper from the Preacher of the Interior dated October 18, 1951 and also the right to utilize a flag by the Minister of the Interior dated May 15, 1957.

It lies about 500 m northeast of the (Holland course), a transportation route of trans-European standing and with a straight connection to the Dutch ports. Also on the Holland path, 4 kilometers even more north towards Wesel, is the Friedrichsfeld train station (Niederrhein).

I’m performing at these stations the (), the () and also the (). The toll of and also throughout the tariff area relates to the entire.

The second railway line in Voerder’s metropolitan area is the one that gotten in touch with it till 1945. The stops were the train terminals, Voerde-Löhnen (given that 1947) and also. Until 1963 there was still guest traffic on the Walsumbahn to Spellen. Today, the path is only made use of for products website traffic and also is used by logistics business in the Lippe tidewater, an industrial as well as industrial park with an inter-municipal port.

A products line (Betuwelinie) has actually been planned along the route considering that 2006. It must make it possible for quick products web traffic between the inland ports of the Ruhr area and the Rotterdam seaport. To attain this, noise barriers and also walkways as well as underpasses will be constructed along the path.

Voerde is linked to the trunk roadway network by. () and also.

Voerde is on and on where there is the run one. This is run by, ein, in which the city of Voerde has a 25 percent risk and also whose aim is to develop the Lippe tidewater right into a crucial one on the Rhine.

Crucial companies are the SE, previously and, Aluminumhütte and also the. The business and the worldwide active logistics company Jerich International are located in the Lippe tidewater in the city of Voerder.

In Voerde there is among six regional radio workshops at the grown-up education facility. The majority of the residents’ radio programs are produced in these studios.

This is extremely typical in Voerde. from the eleven Voerder capturing clubs on a regular basis receive district, local, state and also even German champions as well as have already won the German champion there.

One of the most vital club for the city is the one whose women’s fistball team won the World Mug in 2001, together with many nationwide and also international titles. Along with TELEVISION Voerde, there are three larger popular sporting activities clubs, such as GA Möllen, SV Friedrichsfeld 08/29 and SV Spellen.

The one in Voerde also delights in a fantastic online reputation. The Reit- und Fahrverein Voerde frequently arranges large riding and driving events in different courses in its very own riding sector.

There are 3 independent tennis clubs in Voerde, in addition to the tennis departments of SV 08/29 Friedrichsfeld, Rotgold Möllen and SV Spellen.

The social life in Voerde is largely formed by the Voerde club communities. The music training, specifically for kids and youths, is supplied by the Musikschule Voerde e. V. and also the Tambourcorps Voerde. The city of Voerde yearly produces its very own cultural program, which attract a a great deal of residents with a variety of occasions (kids’s theater, art events, cabaret, cabaret, timeless concerts, etc.).

In Voerde, the German rifle custom has been a practice for over 250 years. The city’s eleven shooting clubs commemorate nine shooting events annually with a variety of highlights. The various number of shooting events contrasted to the clubs is because some clubs only arrange a shooting celebration every two years. In the meantime it has likewise come to be a personalized. Yearly around 25,000 people from Voerde as well as the bordering area gather in Voerde to commemorate circus. The carnival in Voerde began with 150 people as well as was brought from the area to Voerde. However, in Voerde there is no calling, yet that.

There are two young people facilities in Voerde, the urban youth center in the town hall and the young people and also social facility “Stockumer Schule” in the Stockum district. The former house (“DiBo”), which stood near the Rönskenstrasse sports center on the Protestant church property, was destroyed in 2010.

In Voerde there are 5 main schools, an extensive school, a grade school, a high school and also a special institution for the learning impaired and instructional aid. Along with a city collection (with branches in the districts as well as Möllen) as well as the (VHS-Zweckverband Dinslaken-Voerde-Hünxe) there has been a Protestant library in Voerde considering that 1975.

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